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Hardware Migration

Hardware Migrations

Out with the old, in with the new

Unfortunately no IT hardware is future proof and eventually you are forced into migrating to new hardware or replacing the out-dated or faulty equipment. In the long term it is more cost effective to purchase new hardware rather than attempt to repair or upgrade your existing equipment.

datacenterMigrating your current software such as an Exchange, SQL or file server to a new server is something MTC Solutions are proud to offer. Having exceptional experience with these projects, MTC Solutions will definitely be able to help you swiftly move your systems over with little downtime.

We work closely with 3rd party Software vendors and manage the migration for our clients.

We carry out most of our hardware upgrades by preconfiguring the new equipment in our own workshop, pre-test all equipment, and configure applications and then once ready preform the switch over out of normal business hours normally over the course of a weekend with very little disruption to end users.

Thinking ahead

MTC Solutions will make sure your new hardware is future proof for a minimum of 5 years. We use the rule "do it right first time" to save aggravation to your business. MTC Solutions understand just how frustrating it can be when a new deployment of a server becomes unstable or fails so close to the date implemented into your IT infrastructure.

Upgrade software

In some cases it is more cost effective to deploy the latest software to the new hardware rather than to keep the existing software. This stands true with Exchange, MTC Solutions strongly advise considering this option. Failing to upgrade software over time can create a longer and costly upgrade path.